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Aon is Australia’s leading provider of broking and consulting services for risk management, insurance transactions, reinsurance, human capital consulting and financial planning. Aon is a global leader in the design and provision of risk services and products.




Knowing the kind of content risk professionals value and the increasing need to make this content available on-demand was the impetus behind the development of Connect programme. Maximising the reach of Aon’s risk expertise whilst restricting access to customers and invited prospects was critical.



Make It Happen developed a brand identity that reflected the core attributes of the Connect program – trust, innovation and relevancy. The creative treatment was followed through into all programme communications including the portal design, edms, direct mail and digital banners (LinkedIn and web). Through various workshops between MIH and Aon, the major requirements of the portal were identified and the UX (User Experience) and wireframes were created. The portal was developed as a bespoke secure system incorporating user profiling, event management and reporting. The portal currently accommodates a database of 2000+ users.



The programme development progressed from concept to launch within 4 months. The membership to the portal has exceeded all expectations and feedback from customers and prospects on the value of the portal has been positive. The regular update of content underpins the programme success.



Make_It_Happen_Connect_1_1 Make_It_Happen_Connect_1_2 Make_It_Happen_Connect_1_3 Make_It_Happen_Connect_1_4
Make_It_Happen_Connect_2_1 Make_It_Happen_Connect_2_2 Make_It_Happen_Connect_2_3 Make_It_Happen_Connect_2_4 Make_It_Happen_Connect_2_5 Make_It_Happen_Connect_2_6 Make_It_Happen_Connect_2_7
Make_It_Happen_Connect_3_1 Make_It_Happen_Connect_3_2
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Make_It_Happen_Connect_5 Make_It_Happen_Connect_6

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