It’s there behind every ‘like’ and retweet, every click-through and ‘send to a friend’. Content is the vehicle for what you say and how you say it; the driving force behind why your prospects become customers and your customers become loyal clients.

In short, it’s the single most important element of B2B marketing. But not all content is created equal – and even the best content can fail to deliver.

Whether your objective is progressing a lead from awareness to purchase or nurturing a prospect to sales readiness, providing your contacts with a steady stream of high quality content that’s clear, compelling and relevant is the key to successful online communication.

Great content alone, however, is not enough. To move from communication to conversion, you need to provide exceptional, professional content, appropriate to the prospect’s stage in the buying cycle, delivered in the right format for the online channel on which it’s received.

Sound complex? That’s because it is. Luckily, we’re here to make it easy.

As an experienced B2B marketing agency, we can provide you with content that converts your prospects into customers.

Maintaining a constant supply of compelling, quality content for use across digital and social channels is a challenge faced by the majority of B2B companies.

Our content marketing services provide the solution. Here’s how:

Content Audit
We kick off the process by delving into your business assets, extracting every morsel of valuable information we know is key to creating unique content designed to support your online lead generation.

Content Strategy
We’ve established what you’ve got – now it’s time to work out what you need. This means identifying your objectives, USPs and brand voice – and working them into a robust strategy for achieving your goals.

Content Mapping
The content your prospects are most likely to respond to differs depending on their stage in the buying cycle. By mapping your content to each stage of the prospect cycle, we’ll ensure you deliver relevant, profile-based content to the right contact at the right time.

Content Development
Whether we’re building your content from scratch or reworking to increase engagement and relevance, our professional copywriters will craft powerful, meaningful content that’s ready to progress your leads and develop your brand.
And from this, we deliver content you can bank on…

The Content Bank
A pool of influential, relevant, market-facing resources designed to engage your prospects and move them through the buying cycle, including:

  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • How-To Guides
  • e-Books

The Social Bank
All your content, repurposed for distribution across social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To attract and convert your social audience, we’ll provide:

  • Large resources broken down for social media publication
  • Tweets and Facebook updates – which can directly feed into your LinkedIn profile – to support content sharing
  • Topical industry-related links
  • Relevant images with suitable captions, ready to upload onto your social profiles.
Discover how our content marketing expertise delivers a steady stream of compelling online content that’s ready to convert prospects into customers.