There are only so many first pages of Google… How can I improve my website rankings organically?

10 January 2017

make_it_happen_websiterankings_600x200-v1-01While the game in terms of SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] practice may have toned down in recent years, please don’t think that SEO no longer matters, and that there is nothing you can do to improve where you show up in searches. …  Read more

Categories: B2B, Marketing, Mobile

TRENDWATCH: 5 Marketing Trends that will Shape 2016

13 January 2016

Make_It_Happen_Trends_For_2016_600x200-v1-01YES! Mobile Marketing is Still a Big Deal …  Read more

5 red-hot (+ free) digital marketing tools for your business

1 December 2015

Make_It_Happen_Top 5 Social Media Tools_600x200-v3-01By now you should well and truly have dipped your feet, or rather taken the full plunge into the digital marketing world. Thanks to the innovation and ingenuity of marketing research companies, entrepreneurial software developers and tech gurus,…  Read more

How Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Affects Your Website

11 May 2015

Make_It_Happen_Mobilegeddon_600x200-v1If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, then it’s time. Google’s latest algorithm update referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’ is here! Released on April 21st, this latest update could have tremendous potential to affect how your website gets found…  Read more

Categories: Blog, Marketing, Mobile, Trends

The Latest Buzz in Mobile Advertising

16 April 2014

Mobile_AdvertisingMobile advertising is fast becoming the new marketplace. Majority of people are on their Smartphones multiple times a day, and are using it to pay bills, research holidays and insurance providers and even shop – from almost anywhere in the world.  Read more

User Experience in Web Design and Why it’s So Important

3 April 2014

User_Experience_In_Web_DesignThis topic forms part of a two part series where we bring User Experience – known as UX into focus. We explore why it is important for marketers, and particularly its importance for and in web design. To begin this article reviews what is meant by…  Read more

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