10 Easy Content Ideas for your next B2B Newsletter or Blog

6 January 2016

10 content ideas for your b2b newsletterAs we begin the New Year, it can be a challenge to come up with bright new, ideas that will engage with your newsletter subscribers be it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Fantastic software like MailChimp makes it easy enough to turn your latest…  Read more

10 Tips to Networking like a Pro

14 June 2015

Make_It_Happen_Networking_600x200Networking. The term that breathes life into the old “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” expression. Some people just seem to have ‘it’. They’re easy to spot too - passing around business cards with ease, catching names and…  Read more

Categories: B2B, Marketing, Opinion

CMS Comparison: Which CMS is right for your business? Meet WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

9 October 2014

Make_It_Happen_MIH_CMS_ComparisonFor many business owners, this is where things can start to get a little ‘hairy’ and confusing. If you’re in the process of moving your operations online, or thinking of updating your current website, chances are you are going to need a Content…  Read more

Re-capturing the loyal customer: are they dead or alive in the market?

21 May 2014

MIH_Is_Customer_Loyalty_DeadCustomers have become increasingly indifferent to where or from whom they are purchasing products and services. Think about your own buying patterns for a moment - are you still using the same phone, Internet, car insurance provider that you were 5…  Read more

NFP News In Brief: July

18 July 2013

Our round-up of informative and insightful not-for-profit news articles from around the web.  Read more

Categories: Not For Profit, Opinion

Why Crowdsourcing and Creatives Don’t Mix

5 June 2013

Recently, an article on the AGDA website had all of us here in the MIH office voicing our agreement. The article in question looked at the relatively new trend of organisations crowdsourcing their design projects – and the serious risks this…  Read more

Categories: Creative, Opinion, Trends

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