We encourage our clients to be creative and
to think beyond the current campaign



In her twenty years of marketing experience prior to MIH, Gail worked in regional offices and head offices, developing marketing strategies, marketing campaigns and marketing databases, locally and globally.

Remarkably consistent, Gail’s beliefs have remained steady throughout all her business incarnations – nurturing and building relationships to increase profitability, implementing productivity improvements to gain additional revenue without incremental headcount and maximising efficiency by devising an effective marketing strategy that encompasses unexpected changes with ease and grace.


Our small, close-knit Account Management team is all about overachieving. They’re perfectionists and that’s why they’re here, doing what they do. It’s about leveraging our experience to hit your targets, using what’s worked previously to form strategies for the future and a consultative approach that sees us playing a part in your business rather than just observing as an outsider.

Because we’re a full service marketing agency, our reporting to our clients is extensive; our constant monitoring and feedback means that you will always know where your campaign has been, where it’s at now, where it is headed, what it costs and what it will yield.



At MIH we believe great creative is a team effort, so we’ve put together a great creative team. It’s all about problem solving – what are the very best words and images we can use for you and your clients? To arrive at a place where the very best is second nature, the team has more degrees than members, more experience than most and yet retains its child-like sense of wonder at the unveiling of each new concept.

Intellectually curious, they’re all quick studies because there’s nothing older than yesterday’s design concept. Their respective strengths connect with, then bounce off each other – the ideas of each inspiring the others to excel.


Not all telemarketers are created equal. Ours listen. That alone sets them above the pack. They’re a diverse group with a wide variety of qualifications, experience and interests…a perfect fit for our equally diverse group of clients.

MIH teleservices people are smart, quick and they think on their feet. Even sitting down, they think on their feet. Yet the most valuable quality of our team is simply honesty. They listen, guide and advise when a solution would benefit a client’s business… but only where there’s a genuine requirement. Which means they get brilliant results and retain their integrity…and so do you.


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