3 steps for successful channel marketing

9 December 2011

3 steps for successful channel marketingIn a previous post on channel marketing, we discussed ways to recruit channel partners that are best for your business. But once you’ve successfully acquired the appropriate channel partner, what next? Clearly you’ll want to provide the necessary…  Read more

Categories: B2B, Channel Marketing

The Reality of Social Media

1 December 2011

The Reality of Social MediaThe blind acceptance of social media as the must-have for every marketing strategy is up for discussion – at last. An article by Professor Mark Ritson in B&T online http://www.bandt.com.au/news/opinion--social-media---oversold-and-overrated…  Read more

5 tips on improving your email marketing through personalisation

25 November 2011

5 tips on improving your email marketing through personalisationThe pen may be mightier than the sword, but in an age of digital marketing, the email is surely one of the most powerful communication tools in your armoury. However, with consumers receiving a record number of marketing emails every day, how do you…  Read more

Categories: Digital Marketing

Customer Retention: The importance of keeping your clients happy

16 November 2011

Customer Retention: The importance of keeping your clients happyToo often, the lure of gaining new customers distracts us from focussing attention on existing clients. Recently however, periods of economic uncertainty and tighter market conditions have served as timely reminders of the importance of retaining and…  Read more

Categories: Marketing, Trends

Let’s break the hold on marketing jargon – a Challenge from Digital agency MIH

2 November 2011

Breaking the Hold on JargonArticle by Robyn Price, Copywriter, Make It Happen …  Read more

Categories: Marketing

Ten tips for rebranding or refreshing your brand

26 October 2011

Ten tips for rebranding or refreshing your brandHere at Make It Happen, we like to think of a brand as an asset. Treated with sufficient care and attention, it can bring great value to your business. But left untouched and ignored, your brand – like an asset – will depreciate. …  Read more

Categories: Creative, Marketing

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