1 Big Tip For Better Fundraising (and 5 things to keep in mind when doing it)

16 April 2015

Better Fundraising

The NFP sector is a crowded one. NFPs are chasing an ever-shrinking pool of dollars as well as government, corporate and public engagement. So how can you buck the trend and ensure your NFP grabs a bigger slice of the fundraising and volunteer pie?

1 Big Tip – Operate A Fundraising Strategy

It might sound obvious, but many NFPs are great at organising ad hoc fundraising events. They’re not so great at planning how to keep the money coming in long-term. To do this, you need a strategy. Here are 5 things to consider when planning your strategy:

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Like any investment strategy, the key to a successful fundraising is to not put all your eggs into one basket. Incorporate all of these pillars and you’re better placed to increase both your funds and volunteer numbers:

  • Grants
  • Donations
  • Crowd Funding
  • Membership
  • Special Events
  • Sales
  • Community-based Partnerships (Professional, corporate, public etc)

You need to explore which are most feasible for your NFP. However, don’t discard any out of hand. Brainstorm ways they can piggyback off each other. E.g. If you’re running a BBQ,, set up a table to sell merchandise, raffle tickets,  have info available with a donation form attached and a form for taking new volunteers’ contact details.

2. Put someone in charge

Appoint someone at board level to oversee the creation and implementation of your fundraising strategy. Even if you have a fundraising committee or outside consultants, one person in your organisation still needs to coordinate and oversee the strategy’s implementation. This person will ensure:

  • Goals are defined
  • Past fundraising efforts are analysed
  • Realistic lists of who to approach for funds, grants, volunteers, research etc. are created, contacted and kept up-to-date.
  • Multiple fundraising methods are identified, put into a calendar and targets set
  • Your fundraising payment systems work and are legally correct
  • Activities happen to schedule
  • The strategy is monitored and tweaked at set times during the year
  • Strategies are in place to thank and reward volunteers and donors.

3. Focus on events that can be repeated

Instead of putting all your energy into one-off events, implement events that can be repeated with just small tweaks each time. Think of the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea, or the Movember Foundation’s annual November fundraising for prostate cancer.  These types of events build your brand profile and raise funds with minimal effort after the first year.

4. Show your donors you care

Donors like to be recognised and thanked for their contributions. Mine your data base for info on what people and organisations have already contributed and tweak your messaging to personalise your communications to them. You’ll gain their loyalty and increase the chance of larger donations.

5. Keep your brand in front of people

No matter what the event is or who else is involved, ensure your NFP is associated with it in a way that stands out. A strong brand stays front of mind when people are making EOFY, Christmas and legacy donations.

Want some help creating your fundraising communications?

Successful fundraising doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Make It Happen has helped many NFP’s with fundraising communications. If you’d like to chat about your NFP’s needs, call on 02 8076 9090 or email info@mih.com.au




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