Generating high quality leads that are embraced by sales teams is an art form. We have been honing our B2B lead generation craft for nearly 15 years and have worked through boom times, tough times and everything in between.

There are some critical success factors in the development of a quality lead generation campaign. Haste begets waste, so we take the time to really understand the business objectives, previous customer lead generation experiences and any pressures that are in play.

We have developed and executed hundreds and hundreds of B2B lead generation campaigns and we would like to share some tips for generating the best outcomes from your lead generation activities:

  • Clarity on the customer journey and our client’s value proposition for the customer – grey areas = no action
  • Understanding the attributes of an ideal prospect – as we’d like to find more just like them
  • Be 100% aligned with sales expectations – aligned to Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline
  • Propensity to purchase and Propensity to consider you as a product/service provider
  • Your prospects are also being pursued by lots of other potential providers. Be respectful of their time pressures; keep communications short and sweet; use a variety of tactics and make them interesting

We appreciate that the ROI metrics of lead generation campaigns need to be compelling. Every campaign is different and our campaign success metrics reflect these nuances. A highly targeted creatively executed multi-touch campaign can achieve 30%+ response rates and 10%+ lead conversion. We know that your sales team will crucify you if they get leads that aren’t qualified – so we always err on the side of caution. When in doubt, we nurture and take the time to re-validate the prospect before presenting it for sales engagement.

Lead generation is a people business. Our talented agency people create opportunities for your talented sales people to meet and impress new people. Where different personalities are involved there can’t be 100% alignment – but 95% alignment is our benchmark for success.

You get more than leads from lead generation campaigns:

  • Validate market conditions – what’s happening out there and what can you learn from it
  • Clarification that your messaging is resonating or needs to be tweaked
  • Building a contact map within targeted organisations – broadening sphere of influence and reducing single point dependence
  • Developing a pipeline of future prospects – nurture contacts for ongoing relationship marketing activities


Telemarketing is not a one-size-fits-all job description. Real teleservices are conversations and real teleservices people are those who can pursue a conversation that diverges from the straight and narrow as successfully as they can one that sticks to a script. That’s why we have bright, strategic-thinking businesspeople manning our phones. Not afraid of C-level conversations, they abide by the maxim that we have two ears and one mouth, to be used in proportion.

Our teleservices are successful because we know when a hard sell is hardly appropriate. When we pass the lead to you, you find all the warmth of an already-established relationship.


Data isn’t sexy, but it’s the most critical part of your marketing process. Ignoring your database – let’s call it database denial – can cost you, big time.

Our data management techniques make sure that your campaign’s materials get to the right people, every time. Our attention to data quality and accuracy lifts your response rates by up to 50%.

Our database management team can clean and update your data as well as build rapport with gatekeepers. We ensure your lists are current and relevant so your targeting is accurate and your campaigns successful.

We’d love to see how we may help you build qualified sales prospects and retain valued clients.


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