B2B Lead Generation

In a B2B environment, lead generation is a key to future growth.

B2b demand generation is a process that requires creativity, flexibility, awareness of different markets and industries, an understanding of buyer behaviour, and long term commitment. B2b lead generation strategy must change according to market conditions. Whatever the state of the market, we take advantage of it.

Challenges enable opportunity and being nimble, pragmatic and proactive keeps our clients ahead of their competitors. Successful B2B lead generation campaigns align to the stages and requirements of the customer journey. You need to earn the right to be considered and stay relevant throughout.

What is B2b marketing?

While B2C marketing is all about the individual, B2B marketing creates a value chain between suppliers and prospects, using multiple tactics and generous servings of focus, tenacity and business savvy to find the right prospects, inspire confidence and trust, identify qualified, sales ready leads and then have sales people convert them into customers.

When you’re targeting existing customers your marketing activities focus on retention and loyalty. When you’re targeting prospective customers, your marketing activities should attract attention, engage interest, establish credibility and deliver high quality leads to your sales team or strategic partners.

Our B2b lead generation strategies

We appreciate that business growth targets are always on the rise. The pressure on marketing and sales to achieve these business goals is relentless. We work with our clients to hone the strategy and to make the most of every possible interaction with a prospect or customer. No matter where in the process your sales team takes on our leads, we have built them, we have equity in their development and seeing that equity realised nourishes us. Accountability is our byword.

Vendors and their strategic partners often have different aims; we work productively with both and integrate the two when required. We don’t just generate leads, we generate the right leads – those that fall into the sweet spot between ‘too expensive to sell to’ and ‘not enough money to buy.’ Each client’s sweet spot is in a different place and our talented teams leverage their experience to find them.

Having creative resources in-house ensures our ability to deliver without relying on the changing fortunes of external providers. We conduct business in the most appropriate language for those we’re dealing with, increasing their comfort and ensuring complete understanding on both sides.

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