Digital & Web Design to bolster Inbound Enquiry

1 February 2017

Web design tactics to improve inbound enquiry

What makes a visitor engage with a page on a website? There are a number of elements that feed into effective web design, but did you know that using some clever design principals could have a big impact on your inbound marketing? Visitors can be encouraged to spend more time on your site, and click in all the ‘right places’.

Rounding out this series on inbound marketing, and following on SEO, social media and building a company blog we look at effective digital and web design.

UX sits at the helm

UX or User Experience has been of greater focus in the last few years. UX places the emphasis on the experience a site visitor will have when interacting with your website. It takes into consideration things like:
– Website load times
– Amount of time and ease it takes for a user to complete a task (such as register for an event, purchase a product, submit and enquiry form)
– Great graphics, images and easy to follow content
– Website structure, easy to follow and logical layout

Paying attention to these aspects of web design will ensure that your visitors are able to achieve what they’ve come to your website for. An easy to use, visually appealing and enjoyable experience is likely to have them come back for another visit – and great content via a blog or gallery will keep them around for longer.

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Capture leads and cross-share multi media

Does your website do anything to capture the information of visitors? If the answer is ‘no’ you really need to think of developing a quick way to capture user data for leads and follow-ups. Basic website structure and conversion ‘law’ says that you should offer the opportunity to sign up in exchange for a weekly newsletter or for special offers. Don’t miss this opportunity to build a lead database – even if it’s a slow build, in the long run it will be worth it.

It’s also a great idea to include share options for social media such as Google+ and Facebook. This links all of your accounts, and makes it easier for your audience to follow and find you wherever you are online.

Optimise for mobile – it’s time!

We have covered SEO already. One of the newest updates to come out of Google (as of April 21st, 2015) is a new algorithm that rewards ‘mobile friendly’ websites over counterparts. Coined “Mobilegeddon’ by some in the web marketing know; this new ranking factor means that if your website isn’t optimised for mobile; then you may stand to lose some of your rankings. It also represents a unique opportunity to get ahead of your competitors by ensuring your site is mobile friendly as soon as possible. Check the status of your website using this free tool here.

Digital strategy and sound web design are always going be an influencing factor on leads and inbound enquiry. Get in touch with MIH today for any questions about the series, or how to create a fabulous website that converts.

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