The experience of print as part of your marketing mix

27 November 2017

Print as part of your marketing mixAs a creative agency with a digital bent, we also understand the value that high quality printed materials can bring to your business or non-profit enterprise. With a majority of competitor’s battling-it-out for awareness and engagement, organisations have the opportunity to design creative and unique touch points using a more traditional and tactile approach.

In a previous post Is print the new brand mouthpiece? Why print marketing isn’t dead we talked about some of the reasons why print is an essential part of the marketing mix. Let’s look at key ways you can use print to engage a wide range of audiences.

Shareholder communications

They are the backbone of your entire operation, your shareholders. Stakeholder communication is very important. Printing and posting communications like Annual Reports adds a touch of sophistication, as well as indicates the importance your organisation places on keeping them informed. It is also a great platform for setting out key objectives for the next financial year. There is an implicit feeling that comes across from high quality printed materials, and the investment in terms of cost may not be as high as you think. Additionally, with the sheer amount of e-communications these days, it is also more likely to be opened and read.

Good quality stock makes all the difference – and quality paper doesn’t increase the cost by much.

Custom print and industry magazines

There is immense power in printed magazines.  While  significant planning and investment that goes into such a publication, it is a fantastic avenue for long-term brand building. In addition the use of high quality printed materials allow your brand to speak to a much wider audience. One of the best examples we have seen recently is a beautiful magazine called “Business State”. The Bank of Melbourne produces it, but you wouldn’t know it at first glance. The reason why this works so well is that the bank addresses topics that are of interest to a much wider audience in a dynamic and creative way. They have done their research on what topic areas might be of interest to stakeholders and the community. Features include design, must see events, startups, tech, movers and shakers – you can see why it is so successful, there’s something relevant and of interest to some very niche markets. Is this something your organisation could do annually perhaps or on a smaller scale?

Exclusive Invitations

You’ve probably felt it yourself. The post arrives and there’s an envelope or package that has that distinctive and special feel about it. It’s not another bill, and it’s not generic mail, it’s special. You know that it is an invitation of some sort… but to what? Open it already, the suspense is killing us!

Image below: The Make it Happen way to invite customers, branded and boxed.

Beautiful Brochures

Do not underestimate the power of the ‘humble’ brochure. The texture and quality of the paper and the finishing effects used can have a profound impact overall effectiveness. In the B2B space, a beautifully designed brochure together with polished copy helps to explain what your business does. It is a useful tool as a follow-up to a face-to-face meeting, trade shows, or as leave behind material after a meeting.

Business cards to match your amazing branding

Don’t underestimate the value of a beautiful business card. An important part of any company’s brand, when you exchange business cards you want yours to leave a lasting impression, and one that is fitting of your overall brand. If your cards are sitting tucked away in a drawer, and you aren’t in the habit of handing them out anymore, perhaps they need a revisit. Even as the world shifts further into digital, cards have a lifecycle of their own and can still win you business.

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Print marketing remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with stakeholders. For a full breakdown on how to make it work for you get your free download today: Guide to Print Marketing – Direct Mail, Storytelling and Infographics

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