What does influencer marketing mean for brands?

13 April 2018

Influencer marketing for brands

Some business owners can feel a bit wary of new trends, and things in the digital landscape seem to move so fast that it’s not always easy to know what you should start doing, keep doing or drop altogether.

Influencer marketing is something that has started to turn up more and more in the dialogue with customers. Interestingly, it is also getting attention in the B2B space so we thought it time to take a look at what Influencer Marketing is, and how it might be of service to your business cause or brand.

What is influencer marketing?

It’s a new world, but while the term itself is new – the influencers of today are a digital rehash of brand ambassadorship. Except they are not just celebrities or high-profile sportsmen – quite often they’re Instagram and YouTube stars that have steadily built up their own following.

Thought leadership is one area where we all know has sway. These are influencers for sure in their particular fields – think successful business leaders like Arianna Huffington or Guy Kawasaki. However new streams of media have made way for savvy individuals to become social influencers within their preferred platforms different demographics such as age, status and a myriad of other reasons.

Influencer marketing according to Moz is the process of developing relationships with influential people that can lead to their assisting you in creating visibility for your product or service. This type of marketing depends on your having something great to offer potential customers as well as the audience of the influencer. It also depends on your ability to build a great relationship with the influencer as well.

Influencers have the unique ability to direct segments of your target audience to try and or buy your product or service. They have already developed trust and credibility and with their following. Having such large followings means that the scope of their reach is much farther than you would imagine. Influencer endorsed content can take place in the following ways:

  • They write an article or blog post about your brand or review your offering
  • Can share a branded post or video on their social media
  • Allow you to guest post/appear on their social channel or blog
  • Like or +1 your content as well, which has a lesser impact, but is still potentially interesting
  • Social mention – like a shout out to your brand or social media channel via @brandname
  • Use one of your campaign hashtags
  • Appear in one of your campaigns/videos/interviews/podcasts


It’s effective too

A recent study showed that marketing campaigns including influencers resulted in a 10x increase in conversion rates (Content Marketing Institute). That level of ROI is almost too good to ignore.


Who are the influential content creators?

These are relatable people that you are following across various social media including blogs, vlogs and live chat sessions on YouTube. Their digital profile has been carefully built over time, often within a niche market. The consistently provide original content across platforms and they have the unique ability to casually ‘talk’ about why they love a brand or service, and this format resonates with followers. The influencer marketplace facilitates a connection between brands and key ‘influencers’ in any particular field, with a following that corresponds directly to your brand.


How can your brand get a look in?

If you want to know where to start, you need to identify whom your customers and target base are following. Are their particular publications, journalists or business leaders that are possible? How are they following? Is it via social media, aggregated content or in printed media? It’s also important to think about why these influencers are so popular.


Is your brand influencer ready?

Before reaching out to develop a relationship with a carefully selected group of ‘influencers’, think about whether your brand is ready for the attention.

Influencers while generally oriented around paid collaborations (when working with brands) tend to collaborate with brands that will strengthen the perception of their own. So it could be time to review whether your website needs a refresh.

In addition, your brand should take the time to invest in building up an online presence across the relevant social platforms that is posting content consistently and that looks good. If for example, an IT thought leader decides to tweet about a product that you are offering you need your brand to look up-to-date, established and appealing.


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