The Path to eLearning

22 September 2014

MIH_Make_It_Happen_Path_To_eLearningImplementing the right mix and investment into eLearning can render a huge return on investment for businesses including competitive advantage, performance improvements and staff retention. This is the driving force behind the huge growth in the…  Read more

How Do You Use Instagram For Business?

11 September 2014

How do you use Instagram for businessThere is absolutely no denying that social media is a sure fire way of connecting your business to your customers, the public and the community. With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being the more popular platforms harnessed by business – let’s…  Read more

Localising Global or Regional Marketing Campaigns

18 July 2014

Localising global marketing | B2B Lead Generation | Global campaignsIt’s not hard for us to imagine how prevalent global organisations like Apple, Yahoo! and Harley-Davidson have a brands strong enough to be adapted and adored worldwide. For the rest of us in the B2B world, the concept of global marketing for our…  Read more

B2B Lead Automation and Lead Generation

2 July 2014

B2B Lead AutomationThe idea of automating key drivers for lead generation and marketing might make some of you nervous. How can you trust the streamlined process to deliver a personlised message? Innovation in marketing and B2B lead automation tools are giving…  Read more

Re-capturing the loyal customer: are they dead or alive in the market?

21 May 2014

The death of customer loyalty - Dead or alive in the market?Customers have become increasingly indifferent to where or from whom they are purchasing products and services. Think about your own buying patterns for a moment - are you still using the same phone, Internet, car insurance provider that you were 5…  Read more

User Experience in Web Design #2 – The ‘4 Cores’ to Getting it Right

15 May 2014

User Experience in Web designOur previous post explored the ‘what’ of UX or User Experience, and why it’s just so important in web design. We learned that investing in great quality user design results in a ROI, improved efficiency and production and satisfied customers…  Read more

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