Novo Nordisk
Cross Platform App and Microsite

Novo Nordisk, a global pharamceuticals company striving to be the world’s leading diabetes care company. Novo Nordisk provide innovative insulin delivery systems as well as disposable needles that were designed to help reduce pain and fear of injection. Using recombinant technology, they have developed novel insulin and insulin analog formulations. 



Novo Nordisk required a smartphone app and microsite to support diabetes sufferers at risk of severe hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels), as well as their family, friends and colleagues. The app would provide practical information on identification, management and prevention of the condition, as well as a convenient reminder service to notify users (and nominated carers) when their insulin kit was due to expire. To cater for users who didn’t own a smartphone (or preferred not to access the tool in this way), a secure microsite was also required to provide the same features as the app.

Operating within the heavily-regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry, Make It Happen were challenged to produce a publicly available app and microsite which would adhere to strict processes and ensure user confidentiality.



The Make It Happen team were involved across the process, from mobile app development structure and sitemap creation, to information architecture, and design and development of the app and supporting microsite. A cross-platform application available for both iPhone and Android users, the app incorporated a range of features designed to ensure a secure, functional and comprehensive user experience.

These features included:
• Expiry date reminder service featuring opt-in push notifications via email and/or SMS
• Registration page to record insulin kit batch number (for expiry date reminder service)
• Informative resources on hypoglycemia, including practical tips and videos
• Secure log-in page for access to microsite

In order to provide detailed reporting and performance measurement, Analytics were enabled for both the app and the microsite. Additionally, an admin panel was set up to provide activity stats to the client.

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