What is the number one B2B sales strategy you need?

5 July 2018

The number one B2B sales strategy

What is the number one B2B sales strategy? There are hundreds of books and articles that seek to answer this question. Hundreds.

Here’s a quick summary  of the top 5 B2B sales strategies that we found across the literature:

  1. Providing lower cost options. 
  2. Deepening relationships with data. 
  3. Alignment between the buyers journey/content/sales and marketing teams. 
  4. Training sales teams to have strategic conversations. 
  5. Invest in lead qualification..

Well, these are all excellent strategies!

But there is one strategy that in our experience we feel is sometimes neglected. Interestingly, it’s actually the most commonsense and traditional approach. As things shift more and more into time vs. money decisions, digital spaces and fast clicks, are we missing the most important factor of all?

Dear reader, can you guess where we’re headed with this yet?  

If you guessed that we are actually hinting at the importance of good ol’ customer service, then 10 points go to you!

Customer service in the unique B2B space is VITAL, precisely because there aren’t as many competitors. So if you are not doing everything you can to enrich relationships, then any one of your B2B counterparts with a good reputation can and will.
Here are 3 keys to harnessing the power of true customer service…


Make your customers your heart 

 It’s something that Make It Happen, as a business understand completely, and we have found does make all the difference. More than just a catch phrase, following this practice means that at every focus point, your customer is at the center.  

When a customer-centric mentality becomes part of the culture it is reflected through meaningful conversations that add value. Such conversations don’t shy away from discussing truths, such as problems facing the client as well as any issues that may arise within the customer-provider relationship. 

The other element of this strategy means that you are committed to delivering on promises.


Never stop listening 

 Listening closely means that you are constantly aware of changes in client markets, changes within the organisation, as well as uniquely positioned to hear about any new pain-points your clients are facing. 

Being aware of challenges gives you the chance to offer new products and services with the objective to solve an issue rather than just make a sale. 

In this way, your business gains trust; increasingly regarded as a business partner. This catapults you miles and miles ahead of any competitor – even if they decided to drop prices. 


Have a great time doing it 

 Customer experience is not just about a ‘seamless’ flow across each digital interaction of your business. In the traditional sense, customer experience is how your customers feel after speaking to you, or a member of your sales team.  

 Quality conversations are constructive and positive. Your sales staff become more than professional experts, and sit somewhere along the lines of trusted partners and sometimes even friends.  

 When a client or customer is speaking to a member of your team, can they feel that you have time for them and are 100% engaged? Is the interaction enjoyable? 

 A relationship that has both your client and members of your team happy to pick up the phone and speak with each-other, to meet and to interact in any way is a mutually enjoyable one and worth building. 


We have helped hundreds of sales teams achieve their targets over the years. Appreciating the differences between sales and marketing objectives and looking for ways to compliment each other is a challenge we relish. For a snapshot of our approaches, please download a copy of our complimentary bridging the gap between sales and marketing e-book or talk to the team at MIH.

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