In B2B lead generation timing is critical. The more complex the proposed product or solution, the more stakeholders involved in the purchase decision, the more structured the marketing activities need to be.Understanding the background of the prospect – what they have, how long they have had the current solution, what changes the business has gone through since, what future changes are expected, how satisfied the users are with the existing solution, who influences the prospect and ultimately what weighting do they assign to product attributes in the sales evaluation.

A good B2B lead generation campaign should address the nuances of your prospect. Profile based communications, campaign offers that the prospect can relate to and an appreciation that there may be a long lead time between evaluation and purchase.

Make It Happen designs and executes structured nurture programs that build relationships. Our nurture programs map preferences, feedback and actions over time, guiding the frequency and type of communication, charting each prospect’s progress through the sales cycle, and ensuring your communications are both meaningful and contact-appropriate, every time.

Whether you’re a major brand whose name alone inspires desire, or a newer player with a brand to build, whether you have customers who need care or prospects who need pampering, all things are possible – our tactics simply change to suit.


Everybody likes to be a valued client. When customers have choices they appreciate that you recognise that they chose you.

Loyalty and reward programs allow you to formalise recognition. Determining what behaviour you wish to reward and how you want to measure the behaviour is a great place to start.

Some customer traits measured include sales performance (budget vs actual); referrals, commitment to training, product range extensions and a whole lot more.

Determining what you can afford to allocate to a loyalty & rewards program is critical. Some very complicated and expensive systems can be made redundant quickly if the customer perceives the reward is not commensurate with the effort they need to make to be rewarded. Setting the bar too high, even if the reward is fantastic, will have the same detrimental effect.

We have designed some simple digital marketing campaigns and some complicated integrated campaigns. There isn’t one way – there are lots of ways.

There is great business value in recognising the contribution and value of existing customers and trade partners in ways other than great customer service and financial incentives to buy.

Need any of the services above? We’d love to help you build on a great brand.


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