Should you partner with a local demand agency?

30 November 2018

Over the years we have seen an increasing number of global companies set up small offices in Australia. On the whole, the structure is largely sales driven and teams are often supported by global in-house marketing.

Like most sales and marketing teams, especially those operating in a leaner environment, it can be difficult to action everything needed. Despite having a global presence, battling it out for space ‘against’ local competitors can be challenging.

Infact there is a lot to be gained across the board – for both global brands and their sales and marketing teams – by partnering with a local demand generation agency.

Here’s why it works:


Targeted Awareness

Successful localised campaigns need strategic, agile marketing managers and teams who seek to understand and collaborate effectively at the local level.

Understanding the local culture, positioning appropriate messages and preparing for your market early is an intelligent way to introduce your brand. An experienced, local demand generation agency can do this for you by aligning your brand to the stages and requirements of your local customer’s journey.

Razor sharp targeted awareness campaigns means that:

  • The best channels are identified
  • Full customer journey mapping effectively targets localised personas
  • B2B lead generation strategies are based on successful past experience and localised quality conversations are possible with qualified leads
  • Relationship marketing campaigns are structured with nurture programs that uniquely suit local industries and markets
  • Localised events will hit the mark for your brand



Database Development (right contacts, right companies)

Data isn’t sexy, but it’s the most critical part of your marketing process. When you’re new in town or to a new industry it’s no easy feat to get your product in front of the right customer. Particularly in the B2B space – before you even speak to your target audience, how do you create access to the best prospects?

By collaborating on campaigns with a local demand agency you’ll have access to the right contacts in the right companies speeding up results and delivering a better ROI. For our clients, our attention to data quality and accuracy lifts response rates by up to 50%.

Localised telemarketing campaigns by people who have quality conversations with your prospects has been proven to deliver success.



Leveraging & Tweaking Global Resources

Collaborating with an agency on the ground provides razor sharp insights to increase the impact campaign messages have with local prospects. Customer-facing assets may need to be adapted for localisation, while other internal assets such as sales enablement materials can stay centralised. Undertaking this process will help your team to maximise resources and can also positively impact ROI. This is not just about language and currency: it’s about meeting the needs of a segment in a different locale.


The Conclusion

Working with a local demand team allows access to their experience, market knowledge of the unique nuances, data collected over the years and savvy insights into the minds of local masses. Whether on a product or campaign basis, this collaborative force can accelerate the success of your sales team. We’ve seen it happen before.

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