The skinny on the best event registration platforms

23 April 2018

Best event registration platforms

With events coming in amongst the top 3 highest yield B2B lead generation strategies, it’s clear enough why we should be hosting more often. But what’s the best way to manage your invite list and registration process?

Depending on the size and scale of your event, you may wish to consider using event software. Let’s take a look at some of the best options available explore options:


Event registration software

An event registration platform automates the process for online registration and ticketing. Each includes a suite of tools that give event managers and marketers the ability to manage all elements of their events.


Making your life easier

Some platforms help you to manage the event process end-to-end, including things like announcements, communications and waitlists. Other benefits of an online ticketing system include:

  • Integration across social media, allowing your event to be shared easily and quickly
  • Ability to manage wait lists, seamlessly
  • Automated registration process (excellent for larger events)
  • Ability to customise forms to ask important questions of attendees. These can be utilised for marketing, customisation or in lead generation at a later date
  • An efficient and positive online experience


When would you use one?

If you have a lean team and are hosting an event for more than 15-20 people then you might like to consider taking the pain out of the process. Automated ticketing means that your invitees can register at their own pace and in their own time. Other benefits include the forms that many ticketing platforms allow you to create. You can ask registrants what their date/food/accommodation preferences are as well as acquire information about their company, role, and themselves.


You can probably manage without when…

You’re hosting smaller scale and more personalised events like a business lunch or seminar. Similarly, if you have invited a select group of attendees, with numbers about 15-20 then a more personalised approach via email or a printed invite with a follow-up phone call could be more effective.


What’s on offer?

Let’s take a birds-eye look at some of the leading platforms on offer, according to Quora and other online reviews.



Whether hosting a conference, ticketing a festival or running a workshop,  Eventbrite offers streamlined technology that gets you up and running quickly. Depending on the pricing format for your event, payment starts as little as 1% and $0.99 per paid ticket or 2.5% and $1.99 if you’re after additional features such as reserved seating and unlimited ticket types.

  • Allows access to real-time sales
  • Intuitive and easy to use check-in data and procedure
  • Access from any device
  • Platform to advertise event
  • Access to over 50 million buyers, using the platform


Event Espresso


If you’re using a WordPress website, you can do something as easy as downloading a plugin – in this case, it’s Event Espresso which can be housed on your website. Cost is $299.

  • Keep visitors on your website rather than sending them to an external platform
  • Great for prices and ticketing
  • Direct traffic to your own website by sharing and advertising URL
  • Send custom information




Another innovation that makes ticketing for your event easy! There is a free option, however if you want some of the additional features like ticket customisation, and a unique event URL you’re looking at a monthly fee of $50 – $100. Which isn’t really too great and ask. Other features include:

  • Customised forms
  • Scanning features
  • Event support
  • Optimised event pages
  • Unlimited events and paid options


My Guestlist


Is an online ticketing platform deemed a ‘box office that allows you to:

  • Set up your event in minutes
  • Streamline front-of-house events – manage your team
  • Create an interactive venue seating plan
  • Design ticket using logo and colours
  • Has support on standby to help with unexpected issues


Many businesses indicate that their greatest barrier to lead generation success involves a lack of resources in their staff, budget, or time. If your team is coming up against these as a barrier to running a targeted event, we can help.

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