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Hello! We’re all about sharing insights to make the lives of clients in our community easier. In the past we explored ways to automate and set up your social media.

Next up, we outline the best times to plan your posts in accordance to your time-zone and audience usage of each platform.

Read on if you want to use these handy principals in your content planning…


Research indicates that the popular time for people to be online is during the communte home from 5-6pm. This time shows a spike in usage by 181% – so make use of this!

You might like to have someone on your team paying attention to any relevant retweets and mentions of your brand, which can initiate great conversations.

Remember – it is all about engaging your customers and building a sense of community.


Marketing guru Neil Patel suggests posting at 1pm if you are aiming for a greater reach via shares. If you are opting for more click-throughs then 3pm on weekdays is best.

For those running their own Facebook pages, utilising the ‘Insights’ option via posts will show you when viewers are most online in your online community.


Pitched as a business news source, posting on LinkedIn is an excellent space for content sharing, particularly for B2B companies. Tuesdays through to Thursday are the most effective days – posting at either 12pm or in between 5 – 6pm.

Neil Patel again further highlights Tuesdays in between 10 and 11am as the best time to post – so there are a few options to try. See what proves most effective for you!


Monday is mentioned as the most effective day to make your posts, which is handy for any sort of #MondayMotivation, or anything that is new and exciting coming up for the week.

Thursdays are highlighted as the most popular day on the platform, which does make sense, as Thursday is arguably a day of high-productivity, and just one skip away from the weekend.

It’s a great way to connect your brand to positive feelings and experiences.


Even if you are a smaller team and are used to producing and posting your own social media posts as and when you feel ‘inspired’, you might like to consider using some automation tools.

You can read our post on social media automation, or if you like – take a quick trip to the homepage of the following tools, and see if it’s something you’re ready to use.

Setting up using both Hootsuite and Buffer is free, and the platforms themselves are fairly intuitive – there’s nothing to lose.

Using the optimum times and principals outlined here, you can plan and set up your content schedule with some fantastic posts that can get you the traction you are hoping for.

Looking for ways sharing quality content on social channels regularly can help your business? Download our complimentary e-book, or get in touch with Make it Happen. Our team is always happy to help.