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Solaris Paper are a leading Australian managed and operated provider of innovative kitchen and bathroom solutions for both the ‘away from home’ and retail markets.



Solaris Paper approached Make It Happen to implement a Loyalty and Incentive program that would increase loyalty & customer retention. They wanted to differentiate from their competitors and maximise the business relationships with the distributors and resellers. Enabling a streamlined order and fulfilment process would satisfy the logistics requirements of existing distributors and resellers and provide the platform for future business growth.



Enablement, training and joint sales initiatives were the initial focus of the Loyalty and Incentive program. Encouraging the distributors and resellers to have a deeper understanding of the Solaris Paper products, key insights on how to promote products to customers and how to reinforce the environmental and sustainability commitments made by Solaris Paper were challenges for the program. We developed the Solaris Paper Multiply brand, (description of portal including personal dashboard, image gallery; opportunity registration etc.); x training modules; online ordering system. We provided program maintenance including portal updates; data management; monthly promotions (outbound communications + online ordering updates) and user phone & email support.



The Solaris Multiply Portal has been supporting distributors and resellers since April 2013. The quarterly loyalty and reward incentives have been well received but the most consistent use of the portal has been for monthly product promotions and online ordering. The portal maintenance and support was transitioned back to the client team after 15 months.

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