Startup marketing: tips and tools for success

19 December 2017

It’s no small feat going out on your own, and setting up your own business. Hats off to you if you’re registered and up and running! Even if you’re at the start of the journey, it’s clear that in today’s climate brand awareness and reaching your customers wherever they play is paramount. From advancements in automation software to managing new projects, we share 5 of our top tips as well as startup tools to set you up for success.

BUILD A BRAND that matters

Understanding the importance of brand is definitely a key success factor for any business. Clients and customers want to know more about who they are dealing with. Identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and build key business messages and digital assets around this. For a brand to be memorable it needs to evoke a connection. To make a brand valuable you need to connect to the right customer. It takes patience and diligence to achieve and maintain both. Spend time developing your brand identity before you move into designing digital assets like your website and social media platforms.

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 LISTEN to your customers

We can’t stress the importance of building and maintaining a meaningful dialogue with your customers. You may not have much of a customer base to begin with, but the business focus must center on their needs and wants – or potential needs and wants.

Going about this requires some thought. Is it qualitative or quantitative research that you’re after? For some, gathering market research can be fairly easy using survey questionnaire tools or accessing available data from The Bureau of Statistics or your local council etc. As things progress, check in with customers, ask for feedback and listen! Some tools to help you on this journey include SurveyMonkey – and MailChimp, which will allow you to construct and send promotional emails to prospects. You may wish to engage with a professional lead generation agency like MIH to undertake more extensive research such as telemarketing.

AUTOMATE your social

There are some excellent automated social tools that allow you connect regularly across platforms. Our favourites are Buffer and Hootsuite. You can start for free and then opt to pay for additional features but essentially these tools allow you to schedule posts simultaneously across channels. This allows you and your lean team to set up, and then focus on other things. To track data around your social a tool like Bitly is useful. It also allows you to optimise and shorten URLS. With the increase in the use of automated software, applications and measurement tools businesses have more access to metrics than ever before. Tools like Google Analytics can really help with designing clever campaigns.

ORGANISE your team and projects

Over the past 16 years, we have witnessed a lot of advancements in technology as well as a lot of changes to how projects are managed. As a startup, you may be collaborating with clients and your creative team from across the country. While some of the tools of old like Excel are still useful, a new range of collaborative and project management software is available. You might like to try your hand at Slack, TeamWork, BaseCamp.
If you’re looking for a tool that can help you manage projects, set the agenda for team meetings and keep organised you might like to set up a complimentary account using Quip or Evernote.

BALANCE the books

When you’re starting out it can be tricky to keep track of invoices and crunching the numbers. A competent and trusted accountant or bookkeeper is essential as your business expands, but you’re going to also need an effective means of capturing financial data. Again formulated Excel spreadsheets are an option, but you’re likely to find Cloud bookkeeping software like QuickBooks by Intuit a more seamless experience. 

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