Using B2B social media to generate inbound enquiry

16 July 2015

B2B Social MediaIf you have a digital marketing strategy you will have critically evaluated the role social media should play or your business. Well executed, B2B social media complements your other digital marketing activities improving the quantity and quality of inbound enquiries for your business or organisation.

Using social media in combination with sound SEO, compelling market relevant content, a company blog and great web UX and design – you’ll have an inbound enquiry engine to be reckoned with.

So how can social media impact your inbound enquiry and what’s involved?

While it’s interesting to note that the use of social media is slower to build in terms of ROI its widespread use and reward when done ‘right’ are well recorded with 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form (Source: Aberdeen)

Inbound marketing, meets your customers where they engage online. The most popular social media platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest. (Link to previous post on what’s the best social media for b2b).

Social media differs from a traditional sales channel. Its purpose is not enable the hard sell and marketing of your products but rather to:

a) Start a conversation

Find your voice; determine who your audience is, and design key messages/sharable stories of discovery.

b) Build brand awareness, reputation, reviews, and service customers

Building a community and audience that drives your brand.

c) Share interesting news, promotions and offers

Encourage visits to your website & landing pages in a personable & fun way.

Generate Leads with social media

One of the tangible benefits of social media is that it provides businesses with insights through metric data. Popular social platforms leverage ‘social ads’ to target specific prospects likely to be interested in your brand or service.

Facebook you can invest in a campaign the using a number of different ad products promoting your page, events or organic posts.

Twitter uses Lead Generation Cards, to promote offers and tweets across the social network and to capture user information.

Going Organic – Social Media in its natural state

Social media opens the door to your audience allowing them to get comfortable with your brand, interact, leave comments & reviews without paid promotion.

Think big…the Holy Grail is where you have plenty of followers who have become brand ambassadors for your business. They will share your content, recommend your brand and do much of the promotion for you!

Tips for improving Social Media success rates

It’s difficult sometimes to know exactly what to do and what will work with your audience but that’s nothing (plenty of) trial and error can’t fix.

It’s worth also seeing what works for your competitors, and if you have the resources, investing in some expert help. Some guidelines:

  • Make your posts valuable and sharable – the key is to create posts that are designed to capture the interest and imagination of your audience.
  • Understand your market – know what they like and want to see, and create content that captivates and connects.
  • Have a content plan  – plan out your content, and make sure you’re positing consistently and at peak times.
  • Encourage interaction and share great offers & competitions.
  • Share your unique blog content across all platforms.
  • Try new things, and look at what the data is saying around what works.
  • Encourage your followers to visit your website with catchy headlines and landing pages that reveal additional information.


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