NFP Brand strategy including master & sub-brand refinement


The Brief

A brand audit undertaken by VSK provided the impetus for a critical look at the brand, sub-brands and applications. The new logo needed to modernise the brand’s image and ensure VSK was visually aligned. Being an NFP, tight budgets were expected. When the brand refresh was undertaken it was evident that some of the fundraising activities were being treated as stand alone brands – with little or no link back to the VSK brand. The development of the new VSK brand enabled an umbrella brand strategy to be implemented.


The Approach

The MIH creative team developed a new master brand identity. The brand hierarchy included existing fundraising brands which needed refinement to ensure they aligned with the master brand whilst continuing to build trust and loyalty with donors. As part of the individual campaign roll outs, each fundraising brand required a unique set of deliverables including event signage, brochures, billboards, microsites, merchandise, wayfinding, livery, decals and social media graphics. MIH redeveloped the VSK website on a responsive WordPress platform to provide the client with an intuitive CMS that allows them to manage their own content.


The Results