Branding isn’t just your logo or business card, it’s everything you offer, say and do. It’s the story, image and personality of your business and communicates your business soul.

Strong brands require careful thought and planning, extensive research, specific definition, test-driving and maintenance.

Whether building a brand from the ground up or revamping an established one, Make It Happen can work holistically, going from research to a brand concept, or act to support our clients with specialised services, such as brand architecture and messaging strategies.

It is important to understand what your brand stands for and whether your customers and employees feel the same way. For your brand to feel authentic it needs to tell an honest and believable story. By marrying business strategy, values, personality, positioning and essence MIH works to achieve this for our clients. All of these elements need to come together for everyone who comes into contact with your brand.

We create brand communications that engage your internal and external audiences and bring your brand to life across multiple touch points. Consistent brand idea, personality and values ensures your voice always rings true even as your messages and audiences change.


Brand Workshop
Brand Identity and Guidelines
Customer Segmentation
Brand Architecture
Brand Governance

Co-Branding Strategy
Brand Naming and Positioning
Corporate Purpose and Values
Customer Experience Definition
Internal Engagement

Metrics and Measurement
Tone of Voice

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