Fundraising roadblocks: Donor fatigue or poorly targeted communications?

29 June 2017

Overcome donor fatigueWith the rather extreme cuts to non-profit funding by the Australian government, the dependence on public donations has grown. It continues to grow and has now reached a place where many donors begin to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of…  Read more

Why are brand guidelines important to your business?

7 November 2016

Brand guidelines are important to your businessEvery company and organisation has their own brand. Whether your business is a small to medium sized, or a large well known not-for-profit how your brand looks, feels and talks to your customer matters. …  Read more


14 July 2016

NDIS_5PointChecklist_600x200-v1-01Following the Gillard introduction in 2013, non-profit organisations and service providers have been assessing what the implications will mean. With decision making powers and greater choice options now sitting firmly in the hands of customers –…  Read more

Very Special Kids NFP rebrand helps some very special things happen

30 July 2015

case study: NFP rebrandLocated in/Operating out of Malvern a Melbourne suburb southeast of the city, sits a very special not for profit organisation and hospice that supports some very special kids and their families. …  Read more

1 Big Tip For Better Fundraising (and 5 things to keep in mind when doing it)

16 April 2015

Better FundraisingThe NFP sector is a crowded one. NFPs are chasing an ever-shrinking pool of dollars as well as government, corporate and public engagement. So how can you buck the trend and ensure your NFP grabs a bigger slice of the fundraising and volunteer pie?  Read more

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Re-capturing the loyal customer: are they dead or alive in the market?

21 May 2014

The death of customer loyalty - Dead or alive in the market?Customers have become increasingly indifferent to where or from whom they are purchasing products and services. Think about your own buying patterns for a moment - are you still using the same phone, Internet, car insurance provider that you were 5…  Read more

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