The When & Whys of Rebranding for B2B

11 February 2016

Make_It_Happen_Rebranding_for_B2B_600x200-v1Branding in its raw, original form was something that farmers used to differentiate their livestock. In the world of B2B marketing, the concept of differentiation has remained the same – but it’s not just about a mark or a logo, it’s about a…  Read more

TRENDWATCH: 5 Marketing Trends that will Shape 2016

13 January 2016

Make_It_Happen_Trends_For_2016_600x200-v1-01YES! Mobile Marketing is Still a Big Deal …  Read more

10 Easy Content Ideas for your next B2B Newsletter or Blog

6 January 2016

Make_It_Happen_Content_Ideas_600x200-v1As we begin the New Year, it can be a challenge to come up with bright new, ideas that will engage with your newsletter subscribers be it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Fantastic software like MailChimp makes it easy enough to turn your latest…  Read more

10 Top Ways to Get Sales & Marketing Teams Working Together

8 December 2015

Make_It_Happen_SalesandMarketing_Ed2_600x200-v1In part two of our ‘better together’ series, we look at the best methods to engage sales and marketing teams, and create a collaborative force to be reckoned with, within your organisation. …  Read more

5 red-hot (+ free) digital marketing tools for your business

1 December 2015

Make_It_Happen_Top 5 Social Media Tools_600x200-v3-01By now you should well and truly have dipped your feet, or rather taken the full plunge into the digital marketing world. Thanks to the innovation and ingenuity of marketing research companies, entrepreneurial software developers and tech gurus,…  Read more

Better together? The Sales & Marketing Relationship

11 November 2015

Make_It_Happen_Sales_Marketing_Together_600x200First there was Sales. Sales put in all the grit and hard work to get customers in the door and money in the bank. Then came Marketing. Marketing used words – oh so many words, and pretty pictures and messages - to get more customers and money in,…  Read more

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