Successful email marketing: beating the barriers in your next campaign

19 March 2015

Make_It_Happen_Email_Marketing_600x200Contrary to popular perception, even at the end of 2014, email marketing was still the most widely used marketing communications channel in the B2B arena.  (B2B Marketing) …  Read more

Getting to the heart of B2B event marketing for lead generation

4 March 2015

Make_It_Happen_B2B_Event_Marketing_600x200_WebsiteThese days it takes a lot more then just your usual marketing mix to draw in new business and get noticed. Skilled B2B marketers are always looking for new ways to generate leads and build brand awareness. Staging a targeted, branded and unique…  Read more

B2B Experiential Marketing – When does it work?

26 February 2015

Make_It_Happen_Experiential_B2B_Marketing_600x200_WebsiteWhat is experiential marketing? …  Read more

Categories: B2B, Marketing

10 Successful B2B Sales Strategies

19 February 2015

Make_It_Happen_B2B_Sales_Success_600x200_Website (3)What sets a leading-edge sales team apart from the competition, especially in the B2B marketplace? We talk through 10 sure-fire ways to enhance B2B selling in your organisation. Relevant across the board, this can particularly help businesses with a…  Read more

Categories: B2B, Marketing

Brand Identity: Do we know who you are?

22 January 2015

MIH_Make_It_Happen_Brand_Identity_LinkedInFor a brand to be memorable it needs to evoke a connection. To make a brand valuable you need to connect to the right customer. It takes patience and diligence to achieve and maintain both. The use of colour, typography, imagery and tone of voice…  Read more

Point of sale – Marketing to guide the buyers’ journey

15 January 2015

MIH_Make_It_Happen_Point_of_SaleTraditional thinking and practice around point of sale (POS) is probably as you imagine; using checkout technology in-store, allowing you to by new trainers or your groceries using cash, credit or EFTPOS. But the rules continue to shift and change as…  Read more

Categories: Digital Marketing

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