Localising Global or Regional Marketing Campaigns

18 July 2014

MIH_Make_It_Happen_Localising_Global_or_Regional_Marketing_Campaigns_2 It’s not hard for us to imagine how prevalent global organisations like Apple, Yahoo! and Harley-Davidson have a brands strong enough to be adapted and adored worldwide. For the rest of us in the B2B world, the concept of global marketing for our (for the most part) less recognisable brands is much more complex and conventional.  In a previous post on localising global marketing, we identified two different ways to approach and localise a global marketing campaign: Fixed and Flexible. In this post we go one step further to explore – six critical areas to consider in best practice for localising global marketing campaigns. read more

B2B Lead Generation and Automation

2 July 2014

MIH_Make_It_Happen_B2B_Lead_Generation_AutomationThe idea of automating key drivers for lead generation and marketing might make some of you nervous. How can you trust the streamlined process to deliver a personlised message? Innovation in marketing automation tools are giving businesses and marketers just that; the opportunity to streamline key marketing processes, whilst still maintaining the all-important essence of personalised communication and personalised messages. Let’s explore how it works, and what tools could be a great investment for your team. read more

Re-capturing the loyal customer: are they dead or alive in the market?

21 May 2014


Customers have become increasingly indifferent to where or from whom they are purchasing products and services. Think about your own buying patterns for a moment – are you still using the same phone, Internet, car insurance provider that you were 5 years ago? Chances are that somewhere along the line, you have switched, discovering a better deal or benefit that swayed your loyal stance. It is fair to say that customer loyalty is by no means what it used to be, and this means businesses need to educate themselves on how they can capture what was once the more committed read more…

User Experience in Web Design #2 – The ‘4 Cores’ to Getting it Right

15 May 2014

MIH_UX_Web_Design Our previous post explored the ‘what’ of UX or User Experience, and why it’s just so important in web design. We learned that investing in great quality user design results in a ROI, improved efficiency and production and satisfied customers more likely to stay loyal to your brand. Now let’s look at the critical elements to creating a great UX in web design. read more

Can Display Advertising Work For B2B Marketing?

7 May 2014

Display_Advertising_B2B_Marketing When it comes to marketing, display advertising has traditionally been seen as somewhat of a ‘blanket’ tool - a way for businesses to heighten general brand awareness, or to promote special offers, products or services to a fairly broad audience. In recent years, however, display advertising has become a very effective and powerful mechanism thanks to niche targeting, the ability to intelligently manage the placement of ads across a whole suite of websites, and technology that means customers can be targeted based on their very specific browsing behaviour. read more

Marketing for NFPs and the NDIS funding models
#4 Five pointers to creating and executing a successful marketing strategy

23 April 2014


So far we’ve discussed the importance for Not For Profits to put a consistent brand and message out into the world. Now we’ll shift our focus to defining your short, medium and long-term goals – and how you plan to achieve them. In other words, we’re going to look at your marketing strategy. Here are 5 pointers to help you create an extremely effective one, whatever your budget. 1. Identify what you want to achieve and who will help you achieve it Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? But the more you break down what you want to achieve and who read more…