The Latest Buzz in Mobile Advertising

16 April 2014

Mobile_AdvertisingMobile advertising is fast becoming the new marketplace. Majority of people are on their Smartphones multiple times a day, and are using it to pay bills, research holidays and insurance providers and even shop – from almost anywhere in the world. read more

User Experience in Web Design and Why it’s So Important

3 April 2014

User_Experience_In_Web_Design This topic forms part of a two part series where we bring User Experience – known as UX into focus. We explore why it is important for marketers, and particularly its importance for and in web design. To begin this article reviews what is meant by the somewhat elusive ‘User Experience’ and why is it just so important. In our follow up article we will look at some of the key methods to enhance the user design experience. With User Experience we find yet another concept that holds broad interpretations as to what it really means within the scope of design and marketing. read more

Content Marketing – What’s New & What to Do

3 April 2014

Content_Marketing That content will rule over your online success there can be no denying. It also costs about 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates at least 3 times as many leads (Demand Metric). In this series we synthesise and share with you standout-winning strategies from 2013, and in our second and final post, outline some of the best ideas for content marketing going forward. read more

How to lead potential customers back to buy. Retargeting for more conversions.

24 March 2014

MIH_BlogMarch_Image_RemarketingAnyone with a horse (or customers) knows the truth of that old adage “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. However, you can lead a horse back to water again and again until it finally lowers its head to take that first sip. One happy horse. One happy owner. Well, retargeting works in much the same way to bring more customers back to buy your products. read more

Using LinkedIn for stronger B2B lead generation

11 March 2014

LinkedIn_For_B2B_Lead_Generation We all dream of potential customers miraculously finding our company online just at the time they need our services most. However, most of the time it’s more a needle-in-a-haystack scenario. Especially if you’re putting your entire budget into Google Adwords and Pay Per Click (PPC) to get you there. Now imagine being able to side step Google Adwords catch anything strategy while simultaneously targeting an already interested audience. Well, that’s what LinkedIn can do. read more

Marketing for the NFPs and NDIS funding models –
#3 Three steps to getting selected – Putting the right messages out to the right people at the right time.

26 February 2014

NFP_Right_Messaging_Right_People In the past two NFP blogs, we’ve looked at how to conduct a visual brand audit and construct a cohesive brand identity to help you survive and thrive in the changing NDIS environment. It’s now time to review what messages you’re going to put out and when. Getting your messaging right is what will keep your organisation front of mind when it comes to being selected as a service supplier. It’s also an effective way of cutting through donor fatigue. Below is a three-step model to help you get selected more often. read more