TRENDWATCH: 5 Hot Marketing Trends to Trump 2017

13 January 2017


Trends to challenge your B2B and NFP marketing strategy

# 1

Content Marketing is still the Ace card

According to a recent study by MarketingProfs, B2B marketers dedicate approximately 28% of their budget to content marketing. Interestingly, the same study found that B2B marketers who were more successful were allocating almost half their budget. The quality of your content matters. While there may seem to be an over-saturation of companies using content to create a voice, those who have more resources, better digital assets, reach and content that really speaks to the hearts and minds of key audiences are the brands that will be getting more business in 2017. Time to review your strategy to make sure your content will be effective.

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# 2

Marketing Automation

The automation of the workforce and the business applications that support them has definitely enhanced marketing. For B2Bs in particular, automation software has significant commercial benefits. With the use of marketing automation and data tools tasks such as scheduling posts, sending emails, collating insights and managing the lead process become easier and more cost effective over time.  The consolidation of marketing data has the added benefit of greater visibility of the customer journey, allowing marketers to react quickly to identify which strategies are successful and which require adjustment.

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# 3

The Brand ‘Experience’

Marketing expert and anthropologist Brian Solis has declared 2017 ‘the year of the customer experience’ and concludes that the effect of modern technologies such as smartphones have actually rewired our brains – consequently, the way a customer behaves and what they expect have changed also. This places greater emphasis for marketers to refine and align activities to enhance the customer journey. Ensuring the entire experience is optimised and where necessary and practical, digitised.  Customers want to connect in a meaningful way and the marketing and selling approach must be efficient, effective and empathetic


Virtual Reality

According to Technology Evangelist, Robert Scoble virtual reality or (VR) is about to change everything. We are all well aware of the success of Pokémon Go. Glasses and other ‘cutting technology can create a ‘mixed reality’, whereby customers can (for example) walk through a visual replication of their house with different furnishings to determine how they would like to style their interior. For those in the B2B space this could be mimicked in ‘try before you buy’ applications, holographic customer service interactions or perhaps even virtual events (Source). With partnerships between some of the big players including Mark Zuckerberg and Samsung, and Google with ‘Magic Leap’, these shifts may be much closer than you think.


Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) important, and Mobile access as a ‘no brainer’

No matter the size and scale of your business there is no time to waste to maximise how your B2B or NFP can benefit on the latest offerings. The most successful organisations will have integrated IT systems, and data fed by detailed tracking information and driven by the IoT. Many industries stand to be disrupted including Healthcare and Real Estate. It’s definitely time to think about what your business could be doing to improve the digital experience and make the most of data. The importance of Mobile for marketers is almost not worth highlighting, as larger numbers of the population join the Smartphone game, getting seen and heard on this platform is vital.

We’re excited to see what 2017 has in store. Got questions about these big trends? Just drop us a line to discuss.

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