It’s 2018 – time to create B2B sales opportunities!

29 January 2018

We’re in! 2018 is a brand new space where you can plan and implement new strategies to increase brand awareness and grow your B2B sales opportunities. In the B2B world, we know it can take months to close a sale so now’s a great time to blaze a new path forward.

#1 Account based marketing

B2B organisations are increasingly adopting account based marketing approaches. This helps to provide better, more authentic and responsive customer engagement. For B2B sales teams, a key trend for 2018 is to target high value accounts and utilise personalised messages for key personas in the business.

The means for reducing PPC and increasing ROI lies in the ability for sales teams to adequately target key decision-makers: “identifying the decision makers, mapping them to personas and then targeting them with highly relevant content and retargeted ads” says Hubspot’s key Channel Manager. Moving away from the more traditional wide funnel – honing in using account-based marketing can help you achieve great results.

#2. Are you listening? Act on feedback

Keeping an open and honest dialogue with your customers is vital. On the one hand your customer feels heard and you can address any issues that are occurring. Another benefit of actively seeking feedback presents an opportunity to identify any kinks in your processes, and make improvements to your sales funnel. Find out if expectations have changed, if your competitors are offering something new, and how you can build brand loyalty.


#3 Executive events are high yield

Executive events are among the highest yield in lead generation strategies placing third after digital advertising and content marketing.

“60% of marketers use tradeshows and events for face-to-face customer meetings” (Marketing Charts)

“84% of consumers repurchase the product promoted at the event, after their first purchase“ (EventTrack Study)

Holding a targeted event gives your brand the unique opportunity to demonstrate industry leadership, provide education and networking opportunities and build trust. Being present at this event gives sales personnel direct access to prospects and a chance to showcase products and expertise.


#4 Video will get you leads

How do you stand out in a sea of competitors – particularly in the sales space, which until recently has taken more of a traditional approach? A video sent with a targeted and personalised message can really impress new prospects. Why not think about how a sales video can become a useful tool.

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#5 Alignment matters!

B2B sales teams and their marketing counterparts must align, especially around the buyer and purchase process. With competition tighter than ever, there’s too much at stake. Savvy marketing and sales managers have learnt the value of cohesion between departments – creating a seamless process with consistent messaging at every step of the customer journey. Where are the gaps between your team? Align and optimise!

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#6. Selling to the end user

We’ve talked about this before, the buyer’s journey for B2B is starting to mimic B2C – what does this mean for B2B sales? Companies are starting to engage from the bottom up by selling to the end user. Director of Sales from Appuces in a Hubspot article helps to conceptualise this. Think about reaching out to a CMO or CTO with zero context. Now think about reaching out to them when half of their team is already active on your platform. Which deal do you think has a better chance of closing (and in less time)?

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The team at Make It Happen would like to wish you a happy and successful 2018. Get in touch at any time to discuss ideas for your next campaign.


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