What is a Marketing Audit – And how often does your organisation need one?

15 December 2020

Does the word ‘audit’ make the hair on the back of your neck prickle? It’s got connotations of digging deep, finding dirt, and going to jail after a dramatic attempt at escaping to the tropics in a private plane. The first two parts of that…  Read more

Why exactly is video content so good?

6 May 2020

Okay, so the numbers have shown that video marketing is worthy of being a heavyweight in your marketing mix. But why exactly is it so good? What do those numbers really mean?…  Read more

Social Influencers and B2B: A Match Made In Heaven?

15 August 2019

Influencers are no longer relegated to the realms of B2C and NFP. Here’s what you need to know.   Read more

Data Analytics – what is it and how does it apply to marketing?

1 July 2019

This is the third post in our series to get marketing data workable and value adding for your business.…  Read more

How do you make your marketing data workable?

1 April 2019

Most companies think that by investing and implementing CRM software, they have the data thing all covered. This thinking couldn’t be further from the truth!  Read more

How likely are you to recommend? Is Net Promoter Score the natural (and best) CX metric?

11 December 2018

One of the biggest indications of brand success is customer retention and brand loyalty. Interestingly, marketers and business owners find that loyalty and advocacy can be difficult to measure and the humble NPS (Net Promoter Score) – one so…  Read more

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