National LGBTI Health Alliance
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The National LGBTI Health Alliance is the national peak health organisation in Australia for organisations and individuals that provide health-related programs, services and research focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people (LGBTI) and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities.



The National LGBTI Health Alliance sought a creative agency to develop a series of booklets and the Genders, Bodies and Relationships Passport. The fact sheets / booklets, distributed to health professionals as support materials, address the broader community groups and their engagement with the LGBTI community. The Gender, Bodies and Relationships Passport will be used in everyday life to help ensure gender experience, body, and relationships are treated fairly and respectfully as required by Australian law. Being the first of its kind it was likely to receive significant attention from organisations and peak representative bodies amongst the trans and intersex populations.



Passport – Our challenge was to present the content of the passport so it would be accessible, functional, usable whilst being discreet. Providing the owner of the passport with the tools to document and support their needs and provide instructions for their care and wellbeing.

Fact Sheets / Booklets – Presenting content in a clear and approachable format and differentiating the different audiences who will read the booklets.



Fact Sheets /Booklets – Developing the suite of materials and maximising the print quality and quantity (6000+) within a very tight budget.

Passport – We had 6 weeks to design the passport and provide creative mock ups to be presented at a national health conference.

Our initial concept for the cover and 2 areas of content were exactly what the client had envisaged which enabled us to finalise the project within the deadline, the feedback at the conference was positive, no changes requested and full production of 2000 passport sleeves were provided.




Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_3_1 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_3_2 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_3_3 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_3_4 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_3_5 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_3_6
Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_1_1 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_1_2 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_1_3 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_1_4 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_1_5



Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_5_1 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_5_2 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_5_3 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_5_4 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_5_5 Make_It_Happen_LGBTI_5_6

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