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10 Easy Content Ideas for your next B2B Newsletter or Blog

As we begin the New Year, it can be a challenge to come up with bright new, ideas that will engage with your newsletter subscribers be it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Fantastic software like MailChimp makes it easy enough to turn your latest company blog post into an email or newsletter, and if you aren’t doing this already, perhaps it is something to think about for 2016.
In the meantime, here are 10 great content ideas to take some of the pressure off and get you started.

1.Cover some of the latest trends

A great way to position yourself as a thought leader is to let your subscribers know about the latest and greatest trends happening in your industry. You can provide an analysis on front-running trends and include some projections on what’s to come. Think about game-changing events, campaigns, products, tech advancements or tools that have made a significant impact in your industry.

2. Create a 2-3 minute video

It’s time to start getting comfortable with video. Statistics show that 2 out of 3 B2B marketers in one survey expect online video to be part of their marketing strategy this year. When done right, videos can be one of the quicker and more engaging ways to present content on any area. Approach each video as an expert – even if you’re producing from an iPhone! This allows the option for you, members of your team, customer or someone knowledgeable on any topic area to demonstrate, educate and or entertain while simultaneously breathing life into your brand personality.

3. Webinars, white papers, eBooks

Whitepapers are released constantly across industries with lots of great content of interest to subscribers. A useful way to spread the knowledge is to present key findings in a revised format, with links to the original source. Going one-step further, you might like to offer some researched material of your own. Webinars sponsored by your organisation, or presented by a company expert is also great way to generate interest and offer value.

4. Answer the burning FAQs

What are some of the burning questions that always seem to plague your customers? FAQs are a quick and comprehensive way to ask the hard questions, and provide some easy to follow answers. This about addressing key pain points with workable solutions. Don’t forget to provide links to follow-up, as well as the opportunity to phone and speak to someone direct if they have additional questions.

5. Interview people of interest

Do you have great contacts, or standout team members who could add value in an interview? Why not conduct an in-person interview and share the exchange in video, podcast or written transcript format. Sharing insights from a thought leader lends credibility to your business and eNewsletter.

6. Share and review new products and services

Your newsletter or blog is the perfect way to feature new products and services in an informal format. There are a number of ways that you can do this. For starters, sharing the key features of a new product and also perhaps including a case study, live example or quote from a customer. You may invite a person of influence from your industry to review the product. Keep in mind that the objective is to tell - - not to sell!

7. Provide value - share a list of resources

Think about ways you can add value and ‘reward’ your subscribers. From your experience, what do you know as an ‘insider’ that can help those in similar industries. Obviously you don’t want to give away your secret tricks of trade, however the focus is again on providing value. You can share these in a recommended list, including links to your favourite online resources.

8. Create a “best of” article

Create the ultimate compilation ‘best of’ list on any topic area, sharing your expert opinion. Think ‘top 10 apps to keep your project on track‘, ‘5 best ways to approach approach client meetings’, ‘Top 5 tech advancements of the year’. All that is required is your informed commentary, and links to provide readers with their own avenue to pursue additional information.

9. Information share: upcoming events

Is there an industry event that you or someone in your team has recently attended, or that you know that is coming up? If you’ve got the scoop on a conference, webinar or tradeshow – it’s a great idea to share details on the event, who’s attending, the agenda and how they can get involved.

10. Create a series

A great way to cover content that requires a more in-depth focus is to break it down into a multi-part series. This allows your audience to follow the topic in bite-sized and comprehensible sections. This approach is effective when explaining a complex process or evolving topic. If you find your blog post or article edging towards 1,000 words with much more to say, then there’s an opportunity to separate it out into a 2-5 part series.

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