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Why exactly is video content so good?

Okay, so the numbers have shown that video marketing is worthy of being a heavyweight in your marketing mix. But why exactly is it so good? What do those numbers really mean?

You’ve probably read or heard that video marketing is ‘easy for people to digest’. Every wondered why? Consuming video content feels effortless because our brains process videos tens of thousands of times times faster than text. It’s not that reading is hard, it’s that video provides us with a mix of verbal and non-verbal cues.

We’re able to observe aural and visual cues like body language, tone movement, and colour, in addition to the information being communicated. Video content is easy for us to digest because it’s so similar to the way visual and aural cues are perceived while navigating the real world.

This ease underpins a whole lot of other benefits. People will often ski forward audio content, or skim read written content. It’s less likely to see someone skipping forward video content though! And since people aren’t skipping or skimming video content, having video on your site increase dwell time by 88%, which boosts your SEO by improving your site’s authority.

Types of video content and how to use them in your marketing

Useful content is the underlying premise of content marketing. It positions you as an expert and gives consumers a reason to engage with your brand even if they’re not ready to buy – thereby making them more likely to come to you when they are.

Short hype videos can bring incredible results when you’re trying to promote an event. Leverage footage from the night to feed into your social media and marketing for your next event. Using live videos can also help you engage in real-time with exponentially more people than you could cater to in a physical event. It’s also a great way to make best use of high profile interviews, awards, and ceremonies.

Such as those found on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories create the ever-effective sense of urgency. They also allow brands to get creative and playful, with the use of filters, stickers, and other embellishments.

Just like a testimonial, only better. People are much more likely to believe something positive about you if someone else is saying it. It makes sense to present the good stuff in a format that people are engaging with. Being able to hear someone’s voice and observe their body language also gives a whole extra level of credibility to the testimonial.

You’ve likely come across these on Instagram. Think time lapse or stop-animation style videos showcasing products.

Often used as part of a wider campaign, brand videos are effective for creating brand awareness and communicating brand personality, as well as increasing traffic. Perfect for engaging with people at the top of the sales funnel.

Can be used to explain your product, service, or business model in a fun and memorable way. The Dollar Shave Club is a great example: it’s simultaneously entertaining and explains their unusual business model.

They are great, with 40-60% of registrants being qualified leads. Once you’ve completed your webinar, think about how else you can leverage that content. Cut it down into 2-5 minute topical snippets and share them on your social media and YouTube. You could also embed them in your own relevant blog posts to increase dwell time and engagement. You could also use the material to create a mini series, send it in an automated email sequence and use that ‘course’ as an opt-in.

Running out of ideas? Chances are your audience has a few new ones! Social media platform TikTok is a fantastic way to get fans involved by creating fun challenge that encourage creativity. There are other benefits to user-generated content too. Users make videos for the sake of it, for creativity and entertainment. It’s easier to trust a video made by someone not trying to sell you something. Plus, assuming they’re proud of their work, they’ll share it all over their social media network.

While not everyone would consider these technically video, they deserve an honourable mention for their ability to engage, delight, illustrate information, and increase dwell time.

Benefits of using video on landing pages

For all the benefits of video marketing, the underlying factor is that it’s easy. Site visitors can absorb your ideas without having to read a word. Plus, it’s much easier to create a powerful emotional experience with the use of graphics and sound, much more so than just with images and text. Creating that emotional connection is one of the biggest challenges of marketing, but also one that pays off exponentially. There are also substantial SEO benefits - landing pages with video are 53% more likely to appear on the first page of search results!

What not to do

Don’t go too complex.
Yes, video is an accessible medium and a great tool for explaining more complicated concepts, but don’t forget that people will only absorb so much. Even complex ideas can be explained simply!

Don’t give your viewers mixed messages.
Just like in your other marketing collateral, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind and shape your video for that goal. Your goal needs to be clearly defined from the get-go, and you need to ensure your scriptwriter, director, producer, animator, and whoever else you have involved all clearly understand it.

Don’t forget a CTA!
Even if you’ve fully convinced your viewer, if you don’t give them a way to convert, they won’t.

Give them something to click.
As always: avoid industry-specific jargon. (Unless you want to exclude a lot of people.)

Autoplay can be intrusive and disrupt a user’s interaction with your site as they scramble for the volume key. Entice them with catchy copy, an intriguing thumbnail, and a prominent play button, but give them control over pressing play.

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