Is print the new brand mouthpiece? Why print marketing isn’t dead

16 June 2017

Print is a great way to stand out amongst the crowd. Beautifully tactile pieces can definitely give your communications a point of difference. And if you were under the impression that ‘print marketing is dead’, the good news is that it’s thriving, that advances in technology mean that it is affordable and that the time is now to make an impression.

Research presented by Marketing Tech news in 2016 found that four-fifths (79%) of consumers are caused to act immediately on direct mail compared to only 45% who say they deal with email straightaway. There is a way to take the impact of your print materials further using targeted directed mail, which has been recorded to receive a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12%.

Many online brands have even decided to launch print magazines allowing the to reach stakeholders and their target audiences in a different and engaging format. Print has real value for business, and it is predicted to grow as an industry. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Print oozes quality

One of the key considerations is deciding how to use print. Whether it is for quarterly shareholder communications, an invitation to a premium event or an overview of a special offer, holding something that has been beautifully produced in terms of quality and design in your hot little hands is always going to make your brand look good and stand out!

Print provides an experience

Take a look at a creative campaign we put together for a client targeting the mining industry.  This piece was used to support a broader demand generation campaign where the initial qualification was undertaken through outbound telemarketing. The qualified prospects were sent a box which included the campaign offer direct mail and a branded model truck (which according to feedback, many prospects were more than happy to keep on their desks).

Prospects were excited to receive something so different. There is a sense of anticipation associated with opening something that looks and feels very different to what you are used to receiving in the mail. In this way, your brand can use print to create a memorable experience.  The campaign was incredibly successful and made for a fantastic return on investment for our client.

Cost of production has come down

Here’s something that a lot of marketers don’t realise – print production costs have been steadily declining over time. Technological advances in digital printing will continue to push the boundaries on affordable, impactful print. A well-executed direct mail campaign will have a higher success rate than emails, provide a greater return on investment for the marketer and provide the creative team with wider scope to play with design.

Print allows people to be receptive in your brand in a different way

Yes, there are ways to speak to your audience via social media, edms, and content pieces. But with print, your audience has something to absorb. You don’t normally read something tactile on the run, you take a moment to sit and consider it.

There are many different print options available to you. What works for one brand and their target audience may not work for you. In the B2B marketplace there are many industry publications available which provide new insights to your audience and are able to connect deeper messages to your brand. So have a think about some of the creative mouthpieces that have started to become a part of every day life.

One example we love for its print production class, design elegance and quality of content is ‘Business State’. It’s a beautifully crafted magazine, produced by the Bank of Victoria, that ‘celebrates Victoria’s businesses and people’.

Is there space for your company to speak to your industry or wider community? It’s not always about selling or building brand awareness. The medium of print can move far beyond that.

MIH work across a range of print mediums to help bring brand ideals to life and maximise the way you communicate with your customers, suppliers, staff – and each other. If you’d like to talk about how we can bring print into your marketing mix, get in touch with the team.

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