Sales explainer videos can win you business!

22 September 2017

sales explainer videos

Effective and professional sales explainer videos have the ability to win you business. It’s true, and savvy sales executives have been using them for longer than you realise.

If you’re not familiar with explainer videos, they are those short, succinct videos – about 30-90s seconds in length – that have begun to pop up on company websites, in emails and in social media. If you’re more interested in what they can do for your B2B or NFP in terms of brand awareness and campaigns, you can read all about it here.

This time around we are all about sales.

An effective way to showcase how a particular product in your portfolio works, explainer videos use live footage, typography and animation to produce highly engaging messages and product information that allows you to share a message that is consistent, comprehensive and targeted.

So what are the benefits? And where should you use explainer videos in your sales funnel?

  • Think of explainer videos as your crafted and approved elevator pitch. It should be able to say in a visual and meaningful way everything that differentiates you from your competition – your value proposition.
  • Make your face to face meetings more productive – one of the key benefits for sales teams is the ability to share with clients ahead of your meeting.
  • Impress your customer and prospect at your face to face meetings – take a tablet along with you, or show your video on the presentation screen as a means to start the conversation, or to show visually how something complicated works.
  • Follow up a sales meeting – use the explainer videos to reinforce your key messages, to reaffirm the benefits of your product, or as a prompt for what you’d like to come next.
  • Explainer videos can also be useful to move a prospect from consideration and evaluation stages of the customer journey to decision time. It can be shared with key influencers and stakeholders and reduce the need for multiple face to face meetings to present the same information. Consistent, comprehensive and targeted messaging.
  • If a decision maker missed a meeting, send the video embedded in an email, or via a link to its landing page.
  • Having an explainer video available on your website can lead to greater conversions. People really do love watching videos; the impact can be stronger than text.


Let’s look at three great sales examples!

1. Corality – Here’s one we made ourselves, Corality – explaining their financial modelling methodology

2. Hubspot support team – Explains the problem solved by using the Hubspot support team and why it works.

3. Orlark – Digital chat customer service system

Here’s how you make your sales explainer video a success

  1. Core message – get clear on your sales message, what’s your pitch?
  2. Consistency – script it carefully!
  3. Compelling visuals – invest in creative, colourful iconography, graphics and production. This can be used across all other platforms so the investment is worth it.
  4. Voiceover professional – choose a professional to be the voice of your brand, product or service. Think carefully about your audience and the tone you want to use.
  5. Animation – Adding elements of animation is another great way to present information in a format that is easy to process, follow and remember.

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Make it Happen produce successful explainer videos. If you think a sales explainer video could really help your brand, please get in touch with the team.

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