Telemarketing data: How valuable is your data after the campaign is run and won?

13 January 2020

Outsourcing all or part of your lead generation campaigns and programs can be highly beneficial for any organisation not in a position to invest the kind of time and resources needed to build a strong sales pipeline. In previous posts, we’ve discussed the advantages of telemarketing for B2B lead generation – ranked third in its ability to generate leads to inside sales and executive events.

A successful campaign doesn’t just generate business; it should build quality new lead opportunities and generate insights that will step you above competitors. But this all largely depends on the quality and experience of the agency itself and the measurements used to determine its success.

So what happens after the campaign is run?

Quality Data

Working together with an outsourced agency will provide you with valuable prospect data and insights. The result of having quality conversations is quite a lot of detailed information and leads. At the conclusion of the campaign when you are left with substantial market intelligence – how will you maximise this huge stretch over the competition and incorporate it into your marketing strategy?

Sales and marketing follow-up

Quality data also means that members of your sales and marketing teams will be able to pick up on the call history and use these insights as required. They need to be translated into quality commentary that everyone can understand.

In addition, sometimes a prospect is not ready to commit just yet. If they’re not given a clear follow-up option such as a number to call a designated person back, a follow-up phone call from the telemarketer, or an email address to contact – you can quickly lose them to a competitor.

Providing an easy option to follow-up adds credibility and can increase campaign ROI – so you can’t afford to leave this out!

Nurture communications

Rolling the market intelligence into nurture campaigns is a key element in coaxing prospects through the sales funnel. In the B2B buying cycle, prospects have a decision-making timeframe during which they may need to be nurtured a little before becoming sales-qualified. Additionally, having the same telemarketer follow-up via a carefully designed nurture campaign can be very effective.

Create equity from the data

How do you squeeze every ounce of equity from your telemarketing campaign?

New contacts are definitely worth getting excited about. How you decide to connect and build a continued relationship with them is important.

Quality conversations with prospects does not just involve selling. If a prospect is engaging with a competitor, telemarketers will ask why. If a prospect is unwilling to engage with your brand or campaigns, experienced telemarketers will ask why not. The information gleaned from such conversations can be viewed as valuable intelligence, especially where a prospect has shared around existing systems or relationships. Any issues highlighted can then be assessed and addressed. This is an excellent opportunity for sales and management teams to demonstrate exceptional customer service and exceed expectations.

How did it measure up?

When all is said and done, how happy are you with the outcome of your telemarketing campaign and overall performance of the agency? Share feedback of your own with your agency collaborators – in the same way that you are striving for excellence with your customers, they should be too!

An experienced B2B lead generation agency like MIH can help you to organise everything you need to carry out a successful telemarketing campaign. We’ve had great successes for clients. Talk to us today.

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