B2B Data Integrity Campaign


The Brief

Over a 3 year period we worked on many data projects for Amber as they moved toward a more uniform client and prospect data management approach. With many of the Amber stores owned and operated by franchisors the data activities were undertaken for those who wished to improve their ability to provide targeted communications


The Approach

We had warm, friendly local telemarketers call the Amber trade customers and have a chat about their business, the key contacts within their business, preferred ways of engaging with Amber (email, phone, newly released app) and thanking them for their ongoing commitment to Amber.


The Results

Knowing there was a problem with initial data quality, we were able to return to Amber a clean list of trade customers with contact names, email addresses and opt-ins for ongoing communications.
The Amber customer service ethos was reinforced by the warm conversation with a talented telemarketer who could have a laugh with the tradies.