First Nation's NFP Brand Refinement


The Brief

Founded in 2021, Brother to Another (B2A) was born out of the need for a local, First Nation's initiative that operates outside of the current box to address the complex needs and circumstances of young people and families at risk or experiencing the NT Youth Justice and policing systems.  B2A is a culturally driven, wellbeing and healing-centered service boasting a dynamic and experienced team of local First Nation staff. 

Brother to Another had an existing logo which had served them well. They were looking to refresh the logo as part of a more complete branding project, as B2A operate under 4 pillars:

  • Youth Justice
  • Out of home care
  • Social and emotional well being
  • Workforce development

The brand needed to represent the pillars and the organisational commitment to strong, genuine relationships and comprehensive strategy and data capture to build the strengths of the social, emotional and cultural well-being determinants.


The Approach

The founder, Jye, was very open to the brand redevelopment as long as the new brand included the connection to emu prints, which has deep cultural significance to the organisation and the youth they support.
The brand redevelopment was completed probono.


The Results

Gail and her team at MIH, have been extremely helpful and comprehensive in supporting us with our branding developments. The team at MIH gave us advice and worked collaboratively via an iterative process for us to land on the branding we had envisioned.
We are very thankful for the generosity and care MIH have given us, and hope to work together in the future.

Jye Cardona, Founder, Brother to Another