The Brief

MIH were initially engaged in 2015 to develop the Genders, Bodies and Relationships Passport. Distributed to health professionals as support material, the Gender, Bodies and Relationships Passport is used in everyday life to help ensure gender experience, body, and relationships are treated fairly and respectfully as required by Australian law. Being the first of its kind it was likely to receive significant attention from organisations and peak representative bodies amongst the trans and intersex populations. In 2021 we have been asked to revise and refresh the Passport


The Approach

When we first designed the Passport, we had 6 weeks to generate a mock-up to be used at a national health conference.  Our challenge was to present the content of the passport so it would be accessible, functional and usable whilst being discreet; Providing the owner of the passport with the tools to document and support their needs and provide instructions for their care and wellbeing.


The Results

The Passport is a valuable tool in ensuring the LGBTIQ+ community are able to clearly indicate their instructions for care and wellbeing.

Make It Happen were an ideal design and print partner for our Genders, Bodies, and Relationships Passport Project. This project was the first of its kind for Australia and our brief included requirements drawn from health, legal, and community sectors.

MIH were able to move into this fresh conceptual territory with fluency and confidence. Their skilled approach means that we now have a document that is highly functional and accessible to a wide range of health consumers. MiH managed the production process better than any other group we have worked with - their attention to the print quality and custom design features was excellent. We couldn't recommend Make It Happen more highly.

Warren Summers, Membership and Communications Coordinator, LGBTIQ+