B2B Creative Support – Product, Event and Demand


The Brief

With a small internal marketing team and a defined target market, we worked together to maximise the limited marketing support available from the global team and repurpose and extend as necessary for the local market. Industrial products depend on strong sales, technical customer engagement and ensuring the distribution and direct teams have what they needed for existing and new products - this was all part of our role.


The Approach

Working with Schaeffler since 2011, we have collaborated on a variety of projects. Our creative team have assisted on everything from large scale exhibition signage and AV, conference materials, brochures, presentation folders, calendars, emails and newsletters through to customer loyalty & reward programs. Being as innovative as possible within stringent brand guidelines, and a conservative engineering audience has been well regarded by Schaeffler.

MIH far exceeds other suppliers in terms of their ability to connect, understand and interpret requirements. They have always demonstrated a knowledge and respectful view of our industry as well as our company - seeing it not just as showcase opportunity, rather as a direct value-add delivery of our brand and identity.

We are consistently happy to engage with the creative services MIH offer as a result of the dedication and commitment to our partnership – even in the face of seemingly unreasonable requests on my part. The ‘value-add’ of the relationship extends far beyond singular projects into suggestions, input and recommendations that support overall focus and direction of the brand and company.

Not the only ones to notice; we’ve received very positive feedback from distribution partners expressing pride to be associated with us with regards to the standards of our branding. The impact and positioning at a recent tradeshow where MIH was pivotal in the creation of our look and feel inspired this sentiment.

Finally, the key word for me when thinking about MIH is value. The level of skill, experience and insight that they bring to projects, our working relationship and our brand journey.

Tanya Jepson, Marketing & Comms, Schaeffler Australia Pty Ltd