14 July 2016


Following the Gillard introduction in 2013, non-profit organisations and service providers have been assessing what the implications will mean. With decision making powers and greater choice options now sitting firmly in the hands of customers – the recipient of the NDIS funding, and their families — the way that that health and care providers market their services must change dramatically.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a government initiative designed to support people with disability. It aims to transform the way Australia supports people with permanent disability by providing them with greater choice options to control and manage their care. This represents a fundamental change to the disability service industry.

Earlier in 2014, we presented a series of posts dedicated to those who would be directly affected by the NDIS introduction. And now, with the final roll-out of the scheme immanent on July 1st, 2016, it’s time again to reflect; is your brand and service ready to stand out amongst the competition in this new marketplace?


1. Focus on your key purpose areas

This is something that no doubt most non-profits have been closely evaluating — what is it that you do better than the others? When it comes to standing out in a crowded market it is vital to make sure you are a specialised niche. There are too many service providers striving to do too much. This ‘me too’ mentality leads to NFP invisibility. As you hone in on your specialist service area, be sure to get VERY clear on what you deliver so that you will be seen, heard and sort above the noise.

2. Make sure you have a standout brand

To survive in this new system, non-profits have to change the way they approach clients as well as build new funding models. To do this successfully requires a rethink of both your marketing strategy and your marketing materials. If this is something your brand is yet to do, we take you through step by step how to produce a brand audit to create a brand that will stand out despite the increased competition.

3. Invest in your visual brand – catch the eye of the market

With so many similar NFPs competing for NDIS resources and donor dollars, having a brand that easily springs to mind is vital. This involves defining what you stand for in memorable ways, starting with your visual identity. This includes your logo, design, tone of voice and overall brand. It also extends out into your digital presence including the company website and social media. Do your marketing materials look the part? Is your website up-to-date and able to cater for an excellent user experience? Have you optimized content with the right keywords? All of these elements will be crucial. Read more about defining your digital brand for the NDIS here.

4. Develop a clever communication strategy

A thorough communication strategy will help to boost your organisation’s profile. This has become increasingly important as consumers (we now know) spends a lot of time researching online before engaging with brands in a transactional sense. Becoming a thought leadership within your field is a great way to do this. Keep in mind that all of your messaging should shape around provide solutions and benefits, to make choosing you easy. For a more in-depth look on how to build authority, read on here.

5. Carefully plan your marketing strategy

It’s important to break down the basics; what you want to achieve overall, what success looks like for your service and who you need to target to do it. Doing this makes it easier to define the strategy and tactics that will help you achieve both your short-term and long-term goals. Make sure at every touch point you consider the best in technology, innovation and creativity to ensure that your brand really will stand up and stand out in this new marketplace. We share a comprehensive guide for this step in the journey here.

For advice on putting together your marketing strategy, breaking it down into achievable chunks, creating a brand that will stand out amongst NDIS providers or the best allocation of your marketing budget – including data analytics – get in touch with Make It Happen. We specialise in helping the NFP sector. If you’d like help with any aspect of your marketing, then give Gail a call on 02 8076 9090 or email info@mih.com.au

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