5 B2B Marketing Tips to Get Attention

9 October 2017

There is no shortage of ways to get your B2B brand noticed. We should know! But if you’re looking for some ideas here are 5 super B2B marketing tips to help your B2B stand out.

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Use print and target by industry

Recent research presented by Marketing Tech News found that four-fifths (79%) of consumers are caused to act immediately on direct mail compared to only 45% who say they deal with email straightaway. Hello opportunity! How long has it been since you sent your customer base something beautiful and personally addressed by post? A tactile and traditional approach can actually help to create a point of difference.

Creating something that speaks directly to segments of your customer base is definitely one way to differentiate from your competition. But they are fast catching on, creating industry magazines, brochures and industry invitations.

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Explainer videos as a sales tool

Using a well-produced video is an engaging way to present content and sales messages. Explainer videos for B2B are normally short pieces that can demonstrate how people are using your products and services as well as present impressive statistics, testimonials and reasons to engage. Focussing on quality content that is well-delivered also provides an opportunity for stakeholders, influencers and others to share across marketing platforms. They don’t always need to be grand productions either. Definitely something to consider!

Here’s a recent example of an explainer video we produced for a client.
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Say it with pictures

Seeing is believing. Use visual content including graphics, photography and illustration allow brands, campaigns and product collateral to creatively communicate messages. Think about the images your brand uses across the company website, in print and across all forms of media. There is a time and a place for stock images.

Not every company can afford to spend lots of money developing new graphics and on photography. However, when you are looking to differentiate it is worth investing in a talented photographer or graphic designer to freshen things up.
Pull some great content together, post across on social media and on your website as blog posts, or combine them together to send to customers as a newsletter or downloadable ebook.


With 90% of information transmitted to the brain visually, you can really understand why the use of the infographic can be so effective. Some other benefits include its ‘sharability’ across social media platforms, cut to the chase messaging and ability to convey complex concepts consistently in an easily digestible format.

Your unique perspective on your own industry could get picked up as a ‘thought leadership’ piece and get consistent shares, even as the years add up.

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B2B events, workshops, webinars

Hosting an event of your own gives customers and interested parties the opportunity to engage with you face-to-face. Knowing when to have an event, which audience to target, what content/theme will draw them to event and what you want to achieve by hosting the event are critical pre-requisites for success. When you can’t get people together (distance, time zones, speaker availability) then webinars are also a great way to get leads! Research also indicates that executive progression events are actually among the highest yield in lead generation strategies. It gives your brand the opportunity to demonstrate industry leadership, provides education and networking opportunities and builds trust.

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MIH have over 15 years’ experience creating demand for B2B companies of all shapes and sizes. Talk to us if you’d like to discuss ideas for your business.

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